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"Mathematical Design & Technical Aesthetics" is an international scientific journal. It was established for the revival and development of Soviet scientific traditions in the area of geometric modeling, technical aesthetics, industrial and other types of design, as well as ergonomics.

ISSN 2310-2179 (Online), ISSN 2306-1405 (Print).
Issued one time a year.
Has been issued since 2013.

Mathematical Design & Technical Aesthetics

The journal “Mathematical Design & Technical Aesthetics” (ISSN 2306-1405) publishes original papers of advanced scientific value, survey papers, as well as, short communications in all realms of CAGD, Geometric Modeling, Computer Aided Aesthetic and Ergonomic Design, Technical Aesthetics, Art Criticism, and Plastic Arts.


One of the cordial goals of this journal is integrating science and art, as condition of the technical progress of humanity and spiritual development of the personality.


The main interests of the journal are novel discoveries and developments in mathematical design and its applications, as well as in technical aesthetics, including but not constrained to the following topics:

  • Curves and surfaces in CAGD;
  • Geometric and topological methods for shape and solid modeling;
  • Computer aided design of aesthetic surfaces;
  • Aesthetic measures for curves and surfaces;
  • Aesthetic measures for designing objects;
  • Industrial and scientific applications;
  • Computer Art;
  • Improvement of the scientific means of technical aesthetics as design methodologies;
  • The problems of domain-spatial environment humanization by means of design with reliance on human values and ideals;
  • Questions about dialectic unity of science and art as conditions of improvement of scientific tools and art means of design expressiveness.
  • Training of specialists in the various directions of design and ergonomics;
  • Upbringing of design culture of society as a progressive indicator of erudition of the personality and promotion of the best world design examples;
  • Aesthetics as methodology of art and its role in art studies development.

The audience consists of designers, artists, applied mathematicians, computational scientists and engineers.


This is an open access journal. The journal does not have article processing charges (APCs) and article submission charges. The journal allows the author(s) to hold the copyright and retain publishing rights without restrictions. When using the materials in non-commercial purposes the link to the organization is required. The commercial use is prohibited.

The journal is registered in the Federal Service for the Supervision of the Mass Media, Communications and the Protection of Cultural Heritage (Russia). Registration Certificate ПИ № ФС77-58854.


This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA


Лицензия Creative Commons


Publisher:  Academic Publishing House Researcher LLC. (ООО Научный издательский дом "Исследователь")


Postal Address: 26/2 Konstitutcii, Office 6, 354000 Sochi, Russia

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Executive Editor – Ms. Elena Vasilyeva







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